Victor Tortch

 Born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, Victor Tortch is a New York City based photographer.

"Being from New York I always loved the diversity of its' people and their styles. Something about that always made me want to capture it." 

He attended SUNY Purchase College and received his degree in Cultural Anthropology. There he also found his passion for the arts. From ballet to opera, the symphony and musical theater, his eyes were opened.

"I was introduced to so many people  and so many things that after a while I wanted to know everything!"

While at Purchase college, he began learning about film. The interest was sparked by his late friend AJ Marin.

"If I ever wanted to have a good day I knew I could go to AJ and talk to him about anything. His passion for life and all things in it made me feel like I could do anything I set out to do. I'll miss him more than he could ever know."

The loss of his friend and mentor sparked something that would later grow into a profession. He eventually began collaborating on visual projects with his college friend and soon after business partner, R. Hendrix. In 2012 Amora Studios was born and continues to grow with new artists and connections everyday. 

"If I could anything with my life it would be what I'm doing now because I know my passion for success will only grow stronger."